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Inspired by Queen Victoria's great love of horses, and her childhood home, Kensington Palace, the latest collection in our award-winning collaboration with the Historic Royal Palaces provides a colourful tapestry of stories.


Explore a collection featuring a number of exquisite textures such as the Royal Stewart tartan, favoured by Queen Victoria and currently the personal tartan of HM Queen Elizabeth II, this has inspired a contemporary check suit. Floral jacquards and prints capture the vibrant beauty of Kensington Palace's Sunken Garden.


A Love of Horses

Inspired by a mid-19th century print of Queen Victoria on horseback, the equestrian theme comes to life in a beautiful hand-drawn horse print. Look out for it in dramatic monochrome - on silk shirts, dresses and coat linings.

The Sunken Garden

Planted in 1908, the tranquil Sunken Garden sits within the grounds of Kensington Palace and provides fertile inspiration for the abundant floral prints and jacquards that adorn the dreamy dresses and elegant tailoring.

Kensington Palace

Generations of royal women have made their mark on Kensington Palace, and now it makes a mark of its own - in the form of a delicate watercolour-inspired print - on silk scarves, blouses, and the lining of an exquisite coat. This stylish design also features the Tower of London, Hampton Court Shoe Palace, Kew Palace and Hillsborough Castle.